30 years designing, developing and managing projects in renewable energies.

Wind farms, photovoltaic and hydropower plants.

Profitable projects developed with accuracy and independence.


In CXC we are focused on the promotion, design and development of
renewable energy projects, including fundraising, seeking investors
and their subsequent management.

Over 30 years developing renewable energy

Our experience in developing renewable energy projects dates back to 1981, when the commercial exploitation was still scarce. In the hands of the founders of our business, CxC began with the construction of small hydropower plants, and in the late 90s we extended our offer with the development of projects based on the use of wind energy. Subsequently, in 2019, the development of photovoltaic solar energy projects began.
Our international extension began with countries like Portugal and Cape Verde and later with France. In them all, we have carried out projects up to the stage of commercial exploitation.

In CXC we believe that the long-term involvement in our projects is essential for its success, and for that reason, we act as investment partner directly involved in the commercial exploitation of the projects.

The trajectory of CXC offers a wide capacity to establish partnerships with key stakeholders in each country and sector.

Joan Fages Torras

Managing partner

Industrial Engineer from the High Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona since 1966...


Manel Peiró Herrera

Managing partner

Industrial Engineer from the High Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona since 1966...


Esther Saiz Rastrilla

General director

Degree in Business Management from the University of Deusto (Bilbao) since 1997, she has the title of Tax Specialist...


Sergi Mas Miret

Head of engineering and business development

Industrial Engineer from the High Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona since 2004...


Independent company within the energy sector, born to be profitable and committed to the environment.


Projects in which intervention occurred

Project Country Power (MW)
Wind farm Plo de la Rouquette France 11,5
Wind farm Singladou France 2,3
Wind farm Puech Cornet France 11,5
Wind farm Hautes Fages France 18,4
Wind farm Roustans France 18,4
Wind farm Era del Pico Spain 11,9
Wind farm Cerro Becerril Spain 14,4
Wind farm La Mallada Spain 44,8
Wind farm El Pedrón Spain 43,2
Wind farm La Collada Spain 3,0
Wind farm Les Calobres Spain 12,7
Wind farm de Les Colladetes Spain 36,6

Flagship projects

Rec dels 4 Pobles - Pirineu Català

Rec dels 4 Pobles

Catalan pyrenees Small hydropower plant

Rehabilitation of the irrigation canal of the irrigation community of Anserall, Castellciutat, Montferrer and Adrall (520 Ha) and construction of a new small hydropower plant.

Agricultural income:

  • Improved of the spray irrigation in 520 Ha.
  • Iimprovement of the production.
  • Possibility of increasing the spray irrigation in 52 Ha.

Energy results:

  • Generation of 14.4 GWH/year of renewable energy.

Financial results:

  • Reduction of water consumption through the process of irrigation.
  • Power generation economically remunerated in accordance with the established economic system.

Social outcomes::

  • Involvement of local farmers in the management of the irrigation.
  • Improvement of the competitiveness of farmers.

Environmental outcomes:

  • 75% of savings in irrigation water.
  • Green landscape maintenance.
  • Reduction of 5000 T/year of the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Recently built projects

Wind farms recently built in France

36,8 MW installed

Transport of blade to the site 1

Transport of blade to the site 2

Collecting material for assembly

Wind turbine installed

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